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A foot fetish is more common than most people think—here's what it means to worship feet. Many people find one specific body part especially sexy, like butts, abs, legs, or breasts. For some people, that body area is the foot—and their sexual interest in feet is an attraction better known as a foot fetish. Where does the word fetish come in? Subtypes of foot fetishes exist, too, like this one. Here's everything you need to know about foot fetishes More common than you'd think. While exact best foot worship are hard to come by, one study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine arrived at one.

In the study, researchers asked the roughly one thousand participants to rate their fetish interests from a score of 1 to 5 5 being the highest. Overall, more men than women said they sexualized feet or shoes. As mentioned above, some foot fetishists prefer adorned feet. Others go for naked feet only. Some people fetishize footwear, such as stilettos or sandals, but others focus on less sexy shoes like sneakers or boots. Another type of foot fetish is to fantasize about what will happen when the shoes come off, and what kind of foot is under the shoe, adds Grinonneau-Denton.

Feet are an intimate part of the body and are typically covered up.

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For these reasons, they are thought of by some people as sensual and erotic, just as other covered-up body areas like breasts and butts are considered sexy. In many cases, the fetish arises from the fantasy of being close to and touching a body part that isn't randomly touched by strangers, says Grinonneau-Denton, the way a hand or upper arm might be.

Other foot fetishists enjoy the submission aspect. And then there's the fact that your feet take a lot of wear and tear all day yet don't get the proper care they deserve. There's an erotic element here for foot fetishists, too. You probably already know that a foot massage can feel amazing and even be a precursor to other sexual activities.

But having your feet touched best foot worship sensually—teased with one fingertip, for example, or licked or sucked—can send tingles down your spine. Bottom line: a foot fetish is completely normal and healthy, so long as it doesn't become an obsession interfering with regular life, and assuming that a partner or other person involved consents to foot play.

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Best foot worship

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