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This week, we were allowed access into the colourful world of the 'looner' community. These are people who derive an untypical degree of pleasure from balloons. Below is a by-no-means exhaustive list of just a few sexual subcultures and fetishes that are thriving online and elsewhere.

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Have you ever told a partner that they have beautiful eyes? The answer will be broadly in the affirmative for a lot of people. If so, this could be the fetish for you. Is it the smell that does it? Or the sound? Or is it the sheer transgression of it? Brad likes a bit of bottom thunder so much that he keeps engineering bets, with the forfeit being a point-blank fart in the face. Continuing along a similar theme of bodily emissions, this is for people who like seeing their partner vomit, or maybe they like a good chunder themselves.

The 'Roman shower' is broadly used bbc fetish a euphemism for this, drawing on the ancient tradition of throwing up at feasts. Typically, navel-gazing is seen as a solitary pursuit; by definition, even. Alvinophiliacs, or navel-fetishists, however, are those who like looking at other people's belly buttons. They may also enjoy licking them, tickling, kissing or even, heaven forefend, sniffing them. Then there bbc fetish those who like having one or all of the above exacted upon their person.

To be distinguished from conservationists or hippies, dendrophilia is a fetish for people who really like trees, whether that means sexual contact with them or just an appreciation of their phallic quality.

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Bbc fetish

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Some fetishes you will now never be able to unknow…