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Australia is facing a devastating wildfire season. Since October, fires have destroyed more than 1, homes, killed at least 24 people and countless animalsand burned millions of acres of land.

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Kaylen Ward, a nude model in Los Angeles, found herself particularly affected by this news. She lived in Redding, Calif. The scale of the Australian fires has dwarfed those blazes.

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Ward wanted to help. On Jan. In order to receive a nude photo, each donor would need to send Ms. Ward a receipt as verification. She now claims to have raised more than a million dollars, though she was candid about her inability to verify individual donations. She provided screenshots in which it appeared that she had received multiple submissions per minute.

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Ward said. Her example has inspired others. A year-old Colorado woman who poses nude using the name Lana Evans said that her husband sent her Ms. She said that she ed an impromptu group of more than 20 women doing the same thing. Partially dressed firefighters are known to pose for fund-raising calendars, and ants with swimsuit competitions are often held for charitable purposes.

Ward and others have actually donated. Before she announced her nudes-for-charity campaign, Ms. Ward, who makes money through the pornographic subscription service OnlyFans as well as more traditional modeling jobs, had about 30, followers. Within days, she had more thanfollowers and Instagram had banned her aus nudes.

Instagram said in a statement that it did not allow its users to offer nude images. Charitable donations raised through nude pictures are not always smiled upon by the charities themselves. He was told that, while he could keep donating, the charity did not want him to mention its name on social media.

He chose to donate the money to another organization. Marshall said in an interview that he appreciated Ms. For her part, Ms. Ward rejected the judgment of anyone who might question her methods.

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