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Welcome to Armor Blitz, the game of girls who are tanks or tanks who are girls and For new players, this guide aims to start you off on the right foot and avoid frustration two or three weeks from now when you realize that you were spending resources in some non-optimal way. Of course, if you want to figure things our for yourself and you don't care about optimal play that's entirely up to you. This is a game after all.

Your first few days are going to be spent clearing the low level missions, picking up a lot of 1 and 2 star tanks and hopefully a few 3's. Your goal should be to capture the first two cities, mines and wells. Don't worry too much about your army composition, you won't be keeping anything below three stars anyway. Do make sure that you have any 4's or 5's if you're really lucky in your army the minute you get them. Power levelling units is a pain, and it's going to hurt your overall progress armor blitz relationship more you do it. Aside from the map, keep your armor blitz relationship going it's your one source of high level tanks and upgrade it to at least three slots with your starter cores.

Be sure to keep your scouting missions rolling too, they're the only source of high level emblems tank upgrades. Use all your spare coins to get more scouting slots. You can upgrade your emblems later, you don't need them upgraded to clear early content. Once you've secured the second Oil Well Change of Climate 3 you'll actually have some options. Turning west to the desert will net you two more mines and will open up the Portal of Chaos that little pinwheel thing in the armor blitz relationship.

None of these are of much use to a beginner, but the missions are easier, so you'll probably clear them while leveling up for the trip north-east. Your goal should be the the city to the East The Maginot Line followed by the looooong trek north to the next oil well Fuel for War. Like I said, you'll probably need to level up along the way.

That's what the western desert is for. Just don't try levelling in the Portal, it gives next to nothing for exp. Once you've made it north to the third well and Cymric next door you'll be able to see two more cities and another well. There are also mines, but by now you'll have figured out that metal is worthless so they're not a priority.

Your final push is to capture the cities along the northern edge of the map. The story ends at the far North-East city, just before you can capture the mine behind it. Once you've got the last well you're pretty much free to play the portal and pick away at any story missions you haven't finished. There is one last place of interest and that's the first snow level on the isthmus yeah, that's what it's called to the north.

The White North 1 is the easiest, and fastest mission to grind levels with because it has a lowly Blight as a commander and it has no defenses whatsoever! This makes soloing the level without losses a fairly easy job, once you've got the hang of it. After that Hopefully there will be an update in the near future with the rest of the story, or at least some more for vets to do. In the mean time, you can farm exp, grind the portal for cores and blueprints and recycle 3 and 4 star tanks for more blueprints.

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Resource Priorities:. Gold - Scouting : Max it asap, then upgrade your best emblems I only upgrade 3 stars or higher to level 6 or 7. Going farther than that starts costing a pile of cash, but once all your tanks have an upgraded set you can go nuts on your favorites. Cores - Factory Slots : The first two are pretty reasonably priced and you can keep them rolling without a big impact on your mission progress.

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I'd hold off on buying tanks from the store. Chances are there will be rate up events in the future if this game follows the usual ftp business model. Metal - Worthless at the moment. Spend it as needed. Oil - Keep your factory running and spend the rest on the map until you have all four wells. You want to unlock the wells asap which will take a few weeks. Ignore the portal until then. The rewards for placing outside the top 10 armor blitz relationship so are no better than the rewards you get for clearing missions anyway.

Tanks - You're going to be playing the game with four star tanks after the first month or two. When you get to the point where you start taking 3 star tanks out of your army, use them as upgrade fodder. You won't get anything more for selling them and they can level a new 4 star in a hurry. With the factory coming online and special events giving out 5 star tanks as well, most players are going to be eager to work these top tier tanks into their teams. Just keep in mind that while those tanks are better then their 4 star counterparts, not all of them will be beneficial to your army.

The buffs from lights don't stack with a tank's natural abilities so don't go overboard on them since they're weaker in most than mediums.

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Similarly 5 star artillery is still artillery, which trades dps for group damage. Blueprints - Most players can probably expect to grab enough blueprints to buy one or two 5 star units a month. Since you're certainly not going to be able to afford everything, I suggest looking here note: I have nothing to do with that spreheet to see which units would be most useful to you. I tend to prioritize units with unique abilities like the Strumtiger and Maus, but in the end that's you call. Exp : Experience gains per oil are pretty much constant, so levelling is just a question of what lets you get it done fastest.

Dead tanks get the same exp as live ones. Sending fewer tanks does not give any bonus. So, send a full roster every time unless you have a good reason not to. I'm armor blitz relationship going to claim to be a best tactician, so hopefully other players will come on here to share some alternatives.

I've only got two plans: boss diving for the portal and Blight commanders in story mode, and heavy push for everything else. Boss diving is by far the easiest strategy to win fights against weak commanders. All you need is a high DPS tank with good speed and preferably low range. Just wait for the first two enemies to drop, then send your tank down a clear lane to the boss. The Sherman Crocodile is ideal for this, just buff it's attack speed, move speed and damage as high as possible.

Be careful not to increase its range though, or it'll stop to attack enemies or turrets along the way. I find the artillery and heal commander abilities are best for this. The first to speed up the kill or clear the way, the second to keep your commander alive if things take longer armor blitz relationship expected. Heavy Push is what I use to get through to tough commanders with enough firepower to end things in a hurry. Just drop your most durable heavy tank, pop its special to boost its durability and follow it up with as many mediums and destroyers as you can.

One artillery with a stun ability can be helpful, but more than that hurts your DPS too much. You won't be fighting large groups for long if this strategy works out. Definitely bring heal with this to keep the push going. Your second ability is up to preference, but I like artillery for clearing the turrets and killing annoying enemy artillery, which will wreck your group, especially if they have stun.

Bad news here - you're not going to be topping the ladder for a long time. If you're really intent on getting there quickly, pray for good emblems for your crocodile.

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If you can boss dive past level 60 on the portal you may have a chance, but you'll need serious luck since the top players are level 50 and their commanders can tank way better than yours can. Army Composition. Your army composition is going to depend in part on what tanks you draw. Since power levelling a few tanks is way less efficient, it's best to try to keep all your useful high ranking tanks in battle as much as possible, even if they're a little weaker than your low ranking tanks with more exp.

There certainly are exceptions to this rule, like if you don't have armor blitz relationship high rarity versions of a certain tank class. Some people armor blitz relationship like to have a few lower rarity tanks in the queue because they cost less to deploy. In the end, it's up to you. As for which classes are best, you're going to need Heavies to soak damage, destroyers to kill enemy heavies and mediums for general utility. Lights are not great because of their low durability and dps, though one that has the group attack buff ability can be helpful on a push. Artillery is also not great because it has low dps.

The AOE attacks do help, but they often get distracted by turrets way off your line of attack and they're not helpful against small groups. I've also come across a 4 star destroyer that has an AOE attack, so that's another strike against artillery. From what I can tell, all tanks gain stats at about the same rate based on exp, not on their level. Which means that lower rarity tanks will have similar stats to higher rarity tanks if they've got the same amount of exp. The difference is that low rarity tanks level up much faster, so while their stats will keep pace they will hit max level much faster, thus limiting their growth potential.

The good news is that you can use your favorite 3 star tank, or an extra 3 star destroyer, without hurting your team much. However, once they hit level 50 their stats are fixed and the higher rarity units will continue to improve while they won't. Things to add: Stuff I haven't thought of yet, Chilli Recipe. I just started two days ago, so this has been incredibly helpful. Thank you!

Thanks for the guide, i was starting to assume the factory was worthless because its never given me anything thay wasnt already in the sqaud. Posted by 4 years ago. Starting Out Your first few days are going to be spent clearing the low level missions, picking up a lot of 1 and 2 star tanks and hopefully a few 3's.

Armor blitz relationship

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