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Posts include Snapchat tips, tricks, trends, ideas, functionality, and more. Post Reply. Quote Post by snapsterpiece » Wed Jan 20, pm Has anyone else been experiencing this lately? I keep getting notifications of random people I don't know that are adding me on Snapchat. Add me on snapchat, they are all female names. They don't have pictures. Snapchat Random People Adding Me See comments below in real-time.

You can comment as a guest - click "Post Reply" below. Quote Post by snapsterpiece » Wed Jan 20, pm I've been experiencing this as well. People would never add me before and now I get a new request fairly often. At first it was the same where someone random would request me, but now it's "Nicole" no-last-name with a different each time.

The name is always "Nicole", just with a different. Today I looked and I had two requests, both "Nicole" no-last-name with slightly different s, and I remember at least one more instance where a "Nicole" added me "by search". It's just like when you get randos sending you requests on Facebook as far as I know.

They may try to send you links to take your information or be even more conniving and try to get actual money out of you by interacting as someone else. Either way, better not to interact whatsoever. So good to hear others are being bothered by this!

Thought I was being bullied or something lmao. Quote Post by thelegendmj » Sun Mar 21, pm This has been happening to me.

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The last two weeks I keep getting random adds from the same name with different variations of it. It's really odd the first two I accepted and asked who it was and had no response.

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I removed both of those. Since then I've had a further 5! I never have many people add me on Snapchat and all of a sudden I'm getting lots from the same name which is slightly different each time. It's really weird, I'm glad I'm not the only person having this problem as I were like what the hell is going on here. The first time was also from my Snapcode which I once shared on Twitter a long time ago which obviously is public. Therefore I changed that too, I now have a new snapcode but since that they've added me by search each time.

I guess this is a new type of scam then Think I'll delete my and start fresh soon if it carries on any longer as it's getting really annoying. I don't allow access to my contacts.

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I have only 1 friend on SC. I have disabled "see me in Quick Add". I have set "receive notifications from" to friends only. I really can't see or think of anything else to do? Can anyone help?

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I apologise for posting in this thread. I can't create a new one, nor can I. I don't even understand the criteria for becoming a member. Quote Post by nor7folkboy » Fri Jun 18, pm If you don't want them send them to me I weld be pleased to hear farm them.

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How to see who added you as a friend on Snapchat in 2 ways